Thank you for your interest in becoming a Yoga Collection UK ambassador! Lets get you started:

The brand ambassador program is Social Media influencer, we look over every account with great consideration. We partner with accounts which have any size of following, we focus on engagement and niche relevance. Please feel free to write our team with any questions at

In the email you should include:
I. Links to your social Media Pages.
II. The Type of Partnership you are interested in. [Paid/Barter,etc]
III. The products on our website you are interested in promoting, links and sizes [Shipping Address, so we can get those shipped to you]
IV. Your name & phone number where you can be reached for a short conversation

What Social Media Platforms? (IG, Twitter, Fb, Etc)
Answer: All and any. We are passionate about working with great people who can spread the word about our products.

How will payment be received?
Answer: We generally send payments via Paypal, Cash App or Bank Transfers. Paypal is preferred, but we are able to work around any requirements.

What should I post?
Answer: You have two options when it comes to what content you can post. The first option is to use one of our product photos directly from our site. You can go to our website and find an product image you like, and Tag @yogacollectionuk in the post.

The second option is to reach out to us & we can send you a custom discount code for you to purchase a product you like from our site at a discounted price. Than you can post original content to your page also Tagging @yogacollectionuk in the post.